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The only software designed by chiropractors for chiropractic
Access all your patient information from one screen
Interface: Digital Integration
Everything on one screen
Patient Files: X-rays
Access your X-rays from any computer screen
Integrative cash payment and third party payer system
Separate accounts for each third party payer
Unlike other mangement software that clump all third party payers into one group or leave them seperated by individuals. CoAction allows you to view each third party payer individually or as a group. Allowing you the freedom of knowing who owes how much and when payments are due. This comes in really handy when you want to rebill insurance companies because you know exactly how much they still owe and when it was due by.
Know how much is due, when it is due
Cash Payment Systems The biggest problem that cash practices have is knowing when a payment is due. This is simple if your patients come in when they are suppose to, but becomes problematic once patients miss appointments. CoAction tells you when a payment is due and reports generator can print all patient statments that need to be mailed out ahead of time.